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Im such a terrible person
Sorry about kinda dying XD
Highschool is crap so you know.

Im workin on stuff tho...kinda X3 lol im so bad
  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: i dont even know
  • Reading: Alliegant...
  • Watching: burn notice hahaha JK its not on anymore
  • Playing: SMASH 4 YOU KNOW IT
  • Eating: starving


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United States
:iconstormplz::iconlightningplz: :iconmanectricplz: :iconlightningplz::iconstormplz:

310 Manectric by Pokedex

Manectric by PrinceofPride
Name: Manectric
Nicknames: Meh just call me whatever. As long as its anything electric/lightning related.
Type: :iconelectrictypeplz:
Gender: Male in case you couldnt tell.
Level: 45
Favorite Battle Move: Thunder
Ability: Static/Lightning Rod
Nature: Hardy
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Mate: No one yet. ;3
:iconask-houndour: - He tries too many potions for his own good. :/
Trainer: You kiddin me?
Held item: Mega Stone (Manectricite)
Accesory(ies): Mega Ring/Braclet/Collar/Whatever
Now with Mega Evolution!


Electric Buddy:
:iconaskthepikachu: - An awesome little guy.

A shiny Umbreon I know: :iconask-night-umbreon: - Used to be a cat thing, and turned into an Umbreon! Maybe Houndour lent her a potion....

A random Shinx: :iconpokerose: - ....:iconpastaaaplz:

Some shiny Riolu: :iconask-shiny-riolu: I am just friends with ALL the shiny's, aren't I?

Traveling companion: :iconblitz-jolteon: And awesome Jolteon who agreed to travel with me! :D

Awesome Water Type: :iconaskoshawott: Probably one of the only water types I wont electrocute! XD

Pokemon Pokeball Sprite Divider by Sweet-FizzPokemon Pokeball Sprite Divider by Sweet-Fizz


Other Ask Accounts:
:iconask-gekigami: :iconask-tricky: :iconask-sparkwolf: ( <--Note: this one is an OC.)

So I'm Manectric. Nice to meet ya, I guess...
Im fast, quick-witted, and smart! I'm a bit agressive, but I like to joke around. I'm a bit of a flirt, too I guess. ;3 Heh. Well feel free to ask a question. Even though I know Bite, I probably wont use it on you. I prefer electric attacks.

Manectric sprite. by Bio-Umbreon9000

310 - Manectric by PokeStampsDex

There's been a bit of contravercy on what "animal" I might be. And I'll tell you this right now, I am NOT a lion! So dont call me one! Or else! Grrr....

Manectric - STAMP by Tainted-DolL Manectric Stamp B3. by GraceTheHedgehog Manectric Stamp by Empovyle 310 - Manectric by Marlenesstamps It's Electrike by Kiwi-chu Mega Manectric by Marlenesstamps . Pokemon Stamp . Mega Manectric . by Boo-Stamps 310 Manectric by SkaianAngel :: 310 :: by flaiKi Mega Evolutions by NeonMantisShrimp420

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Ask-Meganium Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  New member
Manectric-kun, if you were any grass-type, which would you be? (tread lightly, Meganiums are the best.)
Jolteon: Ello there! ^w^
Ask-Manectric Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
Hey! What's up?
CatDawn Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hello llama stare
Ask-Manectric Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Hey there! :meow:
CatDawn Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hows it goin .u.
PerSianGirly Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student General Artist
I have a Luxray, do you think you two could get along? do you even ever get along with a Luxray? :)
Redtail56 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Manectric, what would you do if an Espurr walked up to you and stared at you unblinkingly? c:
Ask-Shadow-Zorua Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Herro :3 im not very good at making them but wanna be friends?
Ask-Manectric Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Whaddya mean? That's really good!
And sure we can be friends! :meow:
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